The naughty side  - One Shots

The naughty side - One Shots

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Too much inspiration By Shifting2wolf Updated Sep 14

This book is a collection of naughty One Shots. There will be boyxboy and manxman action in here so don't read unless you're ready to join the naughty side of life ;)

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Yes because ALL straight guys yank off another dude's underwear and then stare at their crotch
Yeah or else you don't get anything to suck 
                              Yes no lollipops 
                              Sheesh what were you thinking dirty minded people
*Stares intensely* Hmm... I must say, I'm pretty sure I would~ (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
That. Was. F-ing. Amazing. Wow! That has to be one of the best written Manxman or Boyxboy one shots I've ever read. =D That was amazing, for a first. Even as edited, I love the wording. '3 Amazhang~
blxry-fxce blxry-fxce Oct 06
Roses are red 
                              Thorns are prickly 
                              Might I just say 
                              That escalated quickly
You mean inside you right deep inside that sexy arse of yours
                              Yes I used arse