Blood is thicker than water...(a fairytail x reader)

Blood is thicker than water...(a fairytail x reader)

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Tearing Books By vigophantom Updated Sep 10

Fairytail is one of the best guilds(if not the best) in foire, everyone knows that.
The guild is known for its warm bonds and over the top festivals and ofcours.. for the damage they can cause! They have faced some extreem threaths, but always managed to overcome them with the power of friendship! But what will happen when the dark secrets of a new member will come to haunt them all?...

This is a fairytail x reader. It will be mostly about their bonds as friends, but if people will like it, i'll write an ending with the character they want.
Because i'm still busy watching fairytail this will not be in any arc and zeref won't play a part in this...
Here is a quick list of who are in here: natsu, lucy, happy, gray, erza, wendy, carla, loke, juvia, gajeel,phanter lily, levy, jet, droy ,mirajane, lisanna, elf-man, master, laxus, freed, evergreen, bixslow, romeo,  wakaba, macaro, alzack, bisca,  reedus, cana, gildarts and mabye mavis. I'm also including jellal, ultear, meredy and cobra in it as Crime socière.
Every important: i do not own ANY of the charachter of fairytail or any song or reference that may or may not appear, yet i did create your powers! the picture is from cashakatsuki on dA!
If there is anything that doesn't match with the arcs from fairytail,please bear with me...
also some otherthings that you should know:
- you are about 15-18 years old
-(h/c) means your hair colour
-(e/c) means your eyer colour
- (s/k) means your skin colour
- (f/c) means your favourite colour
-(f/n) means your first name
- (l/n) means your last name
- i'm trying to keep this unisex.
- (a/n) means that that is an athor note!
-i have no idea how to use chan, sama etc. Sorry in advance

i hope that you'll enjoy it!

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Lemonsire Lemonsire Mar 17
Don't they like test your strength before you join a guild? 
                              The master always asks what type of magic you have
Littlesmigg Littlesmigg Aug 07
Title reminds me of "No, the waters sweet,  but blood is thicker!" From Avicii's 'Hey, Brother'
fairytailkitkat fairytailkitkat May 01, 2016
BLOOD BENDING!!!??? (haha avatar the last airbender reference)
Lol when it said 'escape the fate' I was like that 'bands is one of my shits!'
vigophantom vigophantom Dec 16, 2015
I will! I'm really glad that you like it! Sadly i'm really busy this week, but i think I'll have time to write next week! Also thanks for the story vote!