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HANI By hani2631 Updated Jul 13, 2017

If you don't know how to drive you should better not drive. That man yell at my mom

I just wants to kick his balls how he can talk to my mom like this and suddenly i throw my drink on him he look at me in disbelief that what i just did was his dream.

Don't talk to my mom like this. I warned him 

He didn't say anything he was just looking at me like he'll kill me i got scared for a second but i pretend like i don't care and i m not scared. 

He gave me last stare and walked towards his car when he was about to sit in car he turn around and said:
You'll have to pay for this just wait and watch you don't know silly girl who i am .

Rich, hot, arrogant + soft hearted person but he didn't show his softness to everyone because he thinks 
Softness is weakness so I don't give my weakness to anyone.

Cute, innocent, crazy, talkative and according to her
Live or die don't be shy

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Shamannaz Shamannaz May 25
You a Muslim?????? I am a Muslim, Assalamualikum. Glad to meet ya😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Masnoena786 Masnoena786 Aug 29, 2017
Great intro must say this book sounds really interesting ❤💃
diva55206 diva55206 Dec 18, 2016
I swear to god if we throw drinks at people your getting yourself a law suit.
MyFancyEscape MyFancyEscape Dec 19, 2016
Hey my male lead character is also Arman..:) I love this name!
                              and I love this girl!..
Chinadoll1885 Chinadoll1885 Aug 16, 2016
Good start I love my mom very much that remind of me and mom goes to market
7996jt 7996jt Dec 04, 2016
Author can you put dialogue in quotation marks instead of italics? This is so confusing