The Collar

The Collar

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Fudgecakexox By Fudgecakexox Updated Jun 30, 2016

"Put it on."




"Fine then. I'll do it by force, but you will find it most ... pleasurable."

Janine is just like any other ordinary werewolf in her pack - Faded Night - until their worst enemy arrives.

Blood Stalker Pack.

Faced with bloodshed, she attempts to flee her now wrecked home but is met with a face she never thought she would meet.

Her mate's.

And he's Alpha of Blood Stalker Pack.

Uknowwho1313 Uknowwho1313 Aug 12, 2016
I thought the girls were only in their room for 3 hours when they saw the gruesome slaughter outside? How much time passed when they were watching tv?
g_herin g_herin May 08, 2016
It's not! I truly love how you word everything!! Keeps things interesting
celestebaez__27 celestebaez__27 Aug 28, 2016
Don't tell your mother die for each other were cool for the summer toon toorootoorootoo toon
DustAngelRun DustAngelRun May 22, 2016
Wait is this a horror film? Because i would have screamed before turning around
MusicIsWriting_06 MusicIsWriting_06 Jul 23, 2016
This is me. Like, this is seriously what I look like. Except my hair, which is naturally brown, is currently red.😂
HowlingSkyline HowlingSkyline Dec 21, 2015
Wow. Pretty darn good. And this is your first!? I'll have to get on to professionals about how they can't make me interested in a story as easily as you just did.