Senpai~ (Yandere Chan x Reader Lemon) COMPLETE

Senpai~ (Yandere Chan x Reader Lemon) COMPLETE

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~BeckTheDarkShadow~ By Beck1998 Completed

Hellu! U r a dude who went to a school full of students! but one thing you didn't know was you where someones senpai......eue

Ur Gender in this story is a Male (No fighting pls)

btw... i know i made mistakes in some parts so calm, PPL! IDC ABOUT GRAMMAR! 2015 i was shitty at writing okay? i get it. but i'm trying to get better ok? my english is not that good irl and how would it be good writing?  But i feel like i'm improving a little bit..

If you wanna tell me anything that i wrote wrong then PLEASE tell me it nicely and don't be soo mean about it..

Nickname is Chrisy, it's cuz when Ayano/Yan-Chan met You (Senpai) you guys met when Christmas was over, so anyone gets it? no? -_-'

Enjoy the story anyway.

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The chapter picture is of the evil personality! shes badass with her winking and smiling when you kill somone
Yeah,because I'll TOTALLY trust someone who everyone is calling Yandere
Lazy_a22_Hoe Lazy_a22_Hoe Jun 12, 2016
So because the reader is a guy,I'm me but with a dick... Ok!
- - Jun 13, 2016
Please put the gender of the reader in the description...
                              It would be easier for everyone that way.
ZaneLucas ZaneLucas Jul 06, 2016
Really? You just walked away from someone when they just wanted to ask a question? Wierdo.