The Alpha

The Alpha

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Blobfish Queen By like_clockwork Updated Aug 17, 2016

I combined two chapters together to make one, this is why there is now half the amount of story. 

Alpha Ryder is known for many things.
Destroying packs and killing without reason are examples of what he does.
Kylie's pack is next. As the daughter of an alpha she's been put in danger.
But what The Alpha Ryder does next, is something nobody expected.


Ryder over powered the female easily. Kylie wriggled, trying to get out from under him. Lowering himself, flattening her completely onto the ground, effectively leaving her immobile.
Small growls could still be heard. Irritated, he snapped dangerously close to her neck, pushing his stomach harder into her injured one, drawing whimpers if pain. 
Submit. Submit. Submit. Ryder chanted and so she did.

*Mature Content*

  • alpha
  • controlling
  • cruel
  • luna
  • possessive
  • powerful
  • werewolf
  • werewolves
Lexi_Rose2772 Lexi_Rose2772 Apr 10, 2017
I thought we were suppose to know what his face looked like not his…his…other things…
sanaaap sanaaap Nov 05, 2016
KingKai2004 KingKai2004 Oct 23, 2016
No boo boo pull those... Those... Whatever they are up and then we'll talk
sanaaap sanaaap Nov 05, 2016
Maybe if I can't zoom in enough I can't find his asśhole too
lindafrombobsburgers lindafrombobsburgers Jun 28, 2016
it's hard to take him seriously when he looks like a baby with his butt out like that