Family troubles

Family troubles

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paige_originalzz1D By paige_originalzz1D Updated Mar 07

(The cover is made by a wonderful person on tumblr! So full credit to her ana-horan)

Niall was a troubled sixteen year old. He was always getting into trouble which angered his father's Zayn and Louis. His friend Harry was the only one who knew why he always got into trouble. As his brother Liam who has cancer has to go back for chemo things go worse for Niall's life. He begins debating suicide. Will his parents or Harry notice. Or will he ends his life thinking no one cares for him? 

{warnings: suicide and depressing thoughts, family problems, and cancer. If this bothers or triggers you please don't read.}

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mermaid1113 mermaid1113 Jun 13, 2017
Don't they see what they do to him? Ugh! I'LL KICK SOME MALIKSON ASS IF I HAVE TO!!!
mufcheidi007 mufcheidi007 Nov 06, 2017
Awwww No, I do so hope that the hole family get back to normal, Where Liam is health again, Niall is happy again, Louis goes back to song writting and Zayn goes back to wprk part time at the Hospital.! 
                              Good Chapter.! 
                              xx 💙♥ 💙♥
mufcheidi007 mufcheidi007 Nov 06, 2017
Don't jump Niall, just tell your Dad's, How you feel.? 
                              Great Amazing and Awesome Chapter.! 
                              xx 💙♥ 💙♥
Libs993 Libs993 Mar 02, 2016
That's the worst thing a parent could say to a son... hope Zayn just thinks it, and never actually say it to Niall
hollyc191 hollyc191 Feb 05, 2017
Who says that to his son!? Do they even care that Niall is thinking commit suicide! ? I hope they realize what they said and just not tellingtelling him. I know-how he feels. 😞
- - Dec 06, 2015
I think I've read this story on tumblr :) it's a good story and I'm looking forward to it xx you can delete this comment in a minute cause I gotta ask a question (is this the one where Niall gets like hit by a car or something and only his best friend is there?)