Hetalia Headcanons & Imagines 2

Hetalia Headcanons & Imagines 2

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Please Read below! By _Sours_ Updated May 17

Headcanons! That's basically it. Hope you enjoy! 

Hetalia is owned by Himaruya Hidakez. 


JediTsumTsum01 JediTsumTsum01 Feb 09, 2016
Is it weird that I think of Disney Signatures when I see the illustration?
spoopyjim_ spoopyjim_ Apr 20, 2016
What.....I've been dping the star thing for a couple of years, before I found out about Hetllia......
Aphmarvelfangirl Aphmarvelfangirl Jul 08, 2016
I've seen this everywhere! I guess this is a famous Headcannon