Save me Luna

Save me Luna

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Ali By Alishya123 Updated Apr 25

Archer comes from a hard home, if you would even consider it that. His parents got into some dangerous business before he can even remember, causing him to grow up paranoid and cautious.  Whenever he did something wrong, he would get beat, so on finally on Archer's 18th birthday, they kicked him out and forced Archer to live as a lone wolf. 

Archer couldn't decide if this was a new opportunity, or if this was him signing his death certificate. 

Being a rogue obviously isn't easy, but Archer never thought it would be this hard trying to live in the forest without a pack. Being careful not to bring any attention to himself from other packs, he continues moving forward, until one day, a group of rogues chase him onto pack grounds.


Note: This does include him meeting his mate and some romance, not only action.

-venomously -venomously Sep 24
I love the idea of the boy being the one with this sort of backstory
This is the first time I ever ever read
                              A story in a boy's point of view who is abused
Wow I love this summary hopefully the chapters are as awesome and as wonderful as this and can I ask a question are you going to be adding competitions. Most stories do like the best character or the best cover or something like that
Does anyone else love how he says ABOUT 23 minutes and 37 seconds😂😂
imawierd imawierd Jul 18
Ok first ily because I too have queen and the black keys my favorites are fever and we will rock you and another I can't remember but yeah