Sam, Jake and Dylan Want Money: Episode One - Black Market Prawns

Sam, Jake and Dylan Want Money: Episode One - Black Market Prawns

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These are the adventures of Sam, Jake and Dylan, three degenerate losers who live on the 42nd floor of Hazy Towers, the worst apartment block in the known universe. They don't have jobs, or buy food, or ever pay a single cent of rent to their spineless landlord, Mr Hayes, because it's so much cheaper just to slam the door in his pitiful face. Still, government handouts only buy so much booze, and the boys are always looking for a crazy way to make a buck.  

In Episode One - Black Market Prawns - Jake strikes a deal with a dodgy mariner to acquire one tonne of prawns illegally obtained from the horribly polluted harbour. Sounds like a good way to earn some coin, but during the height of Summer and without adequate refrigeration, the race is on to offload the goods before the funk really settles in.

Will Sam, Jake and Dylan convince the suspiciously smiling owner of the crappy restaurant downstairs to buy their ripening stock? Or perhaps their brand new recipe for Prawnshakes ('Prawns and milk, together at last') will prove a big hit with the unsuspecting public? Find out the answers to these, and other weird questions you never would have thought to ask, in the stupid tale that is Black Market Prawns. 

Written by Australian comedian and fantasy author Sam Bowring.

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- - Apr 29, 2017
LOL. The way Hayes is asking for the rent lmao, it's like they would be doing a favour giving the pending rent XD
De_la_Noye De_la_Noye Feb 09, 2017
What!? Someone explain this. Where is Steven Halkings when you need him...
Max-Ernest_Chocolate Max-Ernest_Chocolate Dec 14, 2016
This is awesome! One of those stories that you reeeeeaaaallllly wanna keep reading but you don't have enough time.... :(