{Lemon} Host Club x Reader

{Lemon} Host Club x Reader

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holy water pls By ispilledmywater Completed

Well I ran out of the "good" ideas already.. So why not most of the Ouran High School Host Club x Reader (lemon, you could never get enough). 

Haruhi smut coming soon!!

     Ohshc fanfic... PeoplexReader

~ Under Tiny Construction ~

Ember77 Ember77 Jan 18
All that stress Tamaki and the club puts on him lol he's gotta relieve it somehow
*raises hand* My sexiest bra is a cheeta-print push-up that makes it look like I actually have titties
Trash22 Trash22 Feb 10
Is anyone not looking at the pic tho damn son😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Katsudonuu Katsudonuu Feb 03
me: im not ready
                              me to me: my body is physically and mentally prepared for what is about to unfold
I love kyoya but what if a maid came in or heard all of that
                              That would be embarrassing
Roses are red, 
                              and prickly too,
                              and my I just say,