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Hetalia Zodiac

Hetalia Zodiac

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Summer Dawn Berlin Beilschmidt By SummerBeilschmidt Updated Nov 11, 2016

Ever wondered which Hetalia character your Zodiac sign is? (Keep in mind, none of these are really accurate. Their just what I think of the signs)

O my god! I knew that I was kind like america but I never knew... Aries hated by many, approached by few
So, it tells me that I'm Russia, my mother is England, my father is America, and my brother is America...?
EmeraldZ11 EmeraldZ11 Jan 13
The AWESOMENESS loves me and I am the AWESOMENESS!!!! Kesesesese I have video evidence that I am complete and utterly Germany.
ysan81 ysan81 Jan 30
It explains why I read sooo many lemons
                              ( but I dont liek France ;-; )
Mavis0090 Mavis0090 Feb 07
Oh england... yay :3 (now I finally know why I can see many mythical creatures at night and love reading books that are disturbing and dark...)