The Backpacker's Guide to Seeing Europe

The Backpacker's Guide to Seeing Europe

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Rachel Valria By leia009 Updated 4 days ago

Liv Parker has always played it safe and lived life by the rules, but maybe that will all change now that she's about to take a month-long backpacking trip to Europe with her best friend Kenzie. There's only one small wrinkle in the plans - Liv's neighbor Adam invites himself along, digging up emotions Liv thought were buried deep in the past. From the emerald cliffs in Ireland to the sandy shores of Sardinia, Liv and her two companions explore the past, present, and future in their month-long adventure.

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Updates occur weekly or biweekly when I am especially motivated - I'm also going back and making some additions/revisions to prior chapters based on some feedback I've received from my book club members. Thanks so much for your patience as I complete this story :-)

The plot is beautiful and the book itself has intrigued me.😃
vay_wright vay_wright Sep 01
I really like it so far. I love how you had a flashback to show where the conflict started.
This sounds so interesting so far!! I love your characters! I'm definitely going to be reading this in the future.
Not a fan of chicklit genres but you've done a fantastic job writing this piece. I love the characters names, they each feel so unique. As for mistakes.  I couldn't find anything to inform you of improvement.
So, Jake, what's your intentions with my girl, LIV.
                              Honestly, this is a great start. You've got your conflict and just enough background that I'm intrigued and interested. I can't wait!
ylmbee ylmbee Mar 08
Definitely promising! Even better they're going to be around Europe!:)