Only In Chicago

Only In Chicago

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Hailey's Mommy By ForeverJoedy Completed

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"Carter let's go play ball." Yelled my little brother Cody as he ran into the living room where I sat on the couch.

"No not right now Cody you know I'm about to get ready and go to a party." I said throwing the remote down beside me watching it bounce back off the couch.
He sat down beside me.

"Coool, can I come pleaseee?" He begged. I laugh.

"Pleaseeeee Carterr?" He continued.
I get up and stretch.

"No Cody next time. I promise" I say in between moans. 

I listen to him whine for a few seconds until he finally realizes I'm for real.

"Ok next time Carter. I'm not playing." He threatened.

I laugh, "Yea next time." I watch as he walks into his room and close the door behind him after giving me a evil smile.

That boy right there is something else. I think to myself.

I head into my room fo...

  • badboy
  • betrayal
  • chicago
  • love
  • overprotective
  • thriller
  • thugs
  • urban
my patience ain't built fa that, I would've snatched ha keys and left ha ass😐
kaylaloco393 kaylaloco393 Jun 16, 2016
See I would say I would have choked his fat ass but he might jot even have a neck. I would have shoved a cheeseburger down his throat and make him choke
Killa-trymebih Killa-trymebih Jul 09, 2016
Must be a wack ass party I ont go unless they got food or blunts and lean