You're Ours, Little Doe (Styles Triplets Fan Fiction)

You're Ours, Little Doe (Styles Triplets Fan Fiction)

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ishiplarry79 By ishiplarry79 Updated 14 hours ago

Louis Tomlinson is an doe shapeshifter. He's an omega who's always dreamed of finding an alpha of the same species as himself one day. He was very surprised when he met three alpha's of the same species as him.


The alpha sitting in the passenger seat who's covered in tattoos and is sporting a beanie on top of his head of unruly curls that the rest of the triplets seem to have in common, gives me a long smirk. "What do you plan on doing now, sweetheart?" 

"You would like to know that wouldn't you?" I ask him with a raised eyebrow. 

I have been taking karate since I was a little kid and I have beaten up everyone in my school the alpha's included, who have made so this should be a piece of cake. 

I don't waste anymore time on making my move bringing my fist back and giving the closes alpha my best shot. All I did was hurt my hand and make the alpha angry. 

He growls in a low voice. "You really shouldn't have done that, sweetheart."

Trippydemon Trippydemon Nov 24
You did not mention my Mum was in the story... her name is Angela Rose not Harry...smh people nowadays
zainie_boo zainie_boo Oct 08
Aw that's so sweet it's love at first sight-YOU FORGOT YOUR BROTHER YOU LUG NUT!
hqppypie hqppypie Aug 08
Louis reminds me of my friend Amanda and Niall reminds me of me XD
Not gonna lie this story low key freaks me out.... and the whole deer thing confuses me
K-Kavity K-Kavity 6 days ago
Umm...that's great and all but YOU FORGOT YOUR BROTHER YOU IDIOT
uhhhhh Louis left niall in the middle of traffic ....
                              by himself