i don't know {muke}

i don't know {muke}

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star whores By CrackCobain Updated Nov 24, 2016

In which Luke is a rockstar and Michael is colourblind. 

"What colour is your hair?" 

"I don't know" 

"You don't know?"

"Yeah, I'm colourblind"

Rebalex5 Rebalex5 Dec 02, 2016
Oops sorry I just can't help but cater the needs of my burnt loins
luke_is_a_penguin_14 luke_is_a_penguin_14 Aug 14, 2016
Same bruh
                              I can't tell the difference between blue and green too well and I can't tell the difference between black and blue very well either.
integrityblues integrityblues May 05, 2016
you want it, shes got it, molly chambers gonna change your mindd
digmedownmendes digmedownmendes Jun 25, 2016
why did I think "MC" stood for michael clifford i'm so dumb lol
mukecummings mukecummings Dec 02, 2015
My body is ready, my feelings are ready to be destroy by you one more time