Perfect mess- Cinderella story(Rucas)

Perfect mess- Cinderella story(Rucas)

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Riley is a sweet and kind peasant girl, who is a maid to her step  mother Lauren and her two nasty step sister Missy and Jessica. Riley has been their maid for 2 years ever since her Farther, Cory died due an illness. Her Mother died in a carriage accident. Riley never back sassed or even has been mean to her step mother nor her sister. 

Lucas is a loyal and kind prince who is to find a girl to marry to be the queen of his kingdom. He always listened to his Father because he knew his Father knew best. Lucas has met girls, but none of them seemed to interest him.  So the King decided to have a ball to find him a queen. 

Riley wants to go, but her step mother and sister make her stay at home. Riley thinks all hope is lot to have fun for once in her life until a fairy god mother in training, Maya comes and makes Riley wish comes true! Riley has a blast at the ball and dances with the prince! But sadly Riley has to leave at midnight before her step mother and sisters realized what happened. Riley leaves behind a glass slipper that Lucas has now in his hand.

 Can Lucas and Riley find each other and be together or will someone be in their way?

WHEN WILL MY REFLECTION SHO-oh, wrong fairytale. Carry on, then.
-sarcasticsalma -sarcasticsalma Jun 27, 2016
I legit read the summary and was like, "That's it! I have to read this!"
                              So far, I'm not dissapointed. Good job!
Jcy_112 Jcy_112 Aug 01, 2016
Did you mean to rhyme? Haha this book is amazingly awesome so far.
-sarcasticsalma -sarcasticsalma Jun 27, 2016
Wait tell I get my hands on you, Lauren! Just you wait! Fred and George Weasley are on their way to back me up. I also convinced Ginny to Bat Bogey Hex you!