The Shadow Prince

The Shadow Prince

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Aldrea Alien By AldreaAlien Updated Jan 30, 2016

Second book in The Rogue King Saga.


Shadow Speaker.

In times past, being identified as such would've meant a swift death for young Kael. But the Speakers of legend were nothing like the legendary, and feared, generals controlling the bloodthirsty creatures known as dark borns.

They were worse.

Those monsters from a time long past are now little more than stories used to scare children. Except their passing leaves only ancient scrolls to teach Kael how to tame a magical talent he shouldn't possess. One he'd give up in a heartbeat for the chance to have a normal life in his small world overrun with children from the noble and the rich.

Yet it is not that knowledge which risks his life.

Sent away by his father, deemed safe from those who could do him harm, he has only a handful of loyal friends to help maintain the secret about his parentage. But if the wrong people ever find out he is the Rogue King's son, no magic in the world will be able to save him.