Rise Above BoyXboy

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Kysha By colorfuldays Completed
Sam Maximum just admitted to his two best friends Dylan and Blue that he is gay. They are fine with it even excited. So now everything seems great but what happens when they both want him more than a friend? When the whole school finds out and wants him dead? When his secret is put out in front of his well known family? Will he crack under all the pressure or rise above all of the odds?
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It would be cool if her name was black and her middle name was veil and her last name was brides
She could've used magenta or violet or rosemary.....if Rosemary was a color....or is it
Woow~ I was probably gonna name by daughter Kiiro and my son Aoi.... Kiiro means gold and Aoi means blue.... How ironic
When I was scrolling through the BoyxBoy books and found this one the cover instantly caught my eye. The guy on the cover is Alex Evans and I was like "I wonder if the author knows who Alex Evans is!" So, do ya? Do you know who Alex Evans is!?!?
Sry if was being an ass but i am trying to fight off depression right now but i loved rise above very good story
Yeah I did comment on two things both on rise above and the bloody dance series i just didbt specify good enough lol cause I quote myself "this one and the bloody dance series" meaning that iw as coplimenting both rise above and the other one I mebtioned sry for the misunderstanding