A More Severe Case Of Frenemies //Ricky Olson FanFic [C]

A More Severe Case Of Frenemies //Ricky Olson FanFic [C]

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This is a cliche as fuck Love/Hate relationship between my OC and Ricky.. Read if ya want, heh x3 

But no "hey, this is like every other fanfiction" comments. They will be deleted. I did not purposely mean to copy anyone's work.. I'm pretty sure everything (other than the cliche love/hate relationship) is original *^*

Also; if you want to use any of my ideas for your own works, please ask. I'll probably say yes, but you'll have to credit me please.. 

And please no stealing my OC's faceclaim.. For a Ricky FanFic anyway. :) 

Curse words are censored, up until I finally decided I didn't give a fuckle puck.


"I don't like you, and you don't like me." I started, crossing my arms and  narrowing my eyes slightly. "And that is something everyone has noticed, recently. Especially Chris."

"Congratulations," His voice dripped with sarcasm. "You managed to figure that out. I'm proud of you!" He clapped with mock enthusiasm. 

Digging my nails into my biceps to keep from slapping that stupid look off his face, I continued. "Chris wants us to try to get along."

"Yeah, we'll see how that brilliant plan works out." He rolled his eyes, turning to walk away. 

"F.cker." I spat hatefully.

"B.tch." He spat back, whipping his head around to glare at me.

I glared right back. 

F.ck, I hate him.


Chrissy Costanza as Mykailla Bates.

(A couple years younger) Daren Kagasoff as Michael "Micah" Bates.

Unless stated otherwise; alllllllll the Band Members mentioned will be themselves.


Age Ranges: 

Chris: 26

Ricky: 24

Micah: 22

Mykailla: 19

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Ryan_Sitkowski Ryan_Sitkowski Mar 08, 2017
@xRickyHorror is like a l'il kid, sometimes. He wanders. 😜
CrimsonHades CrimsonHades Sep 07, 2016
But! He's one of those gothic punks! Officer Peppercorn knows best,
I've always heard it's Goths who hate the world, emos just hate themselves
bratpriincess bratpriincess Sep 04, 2016
But um Ricky is not emo, I'm pretty sure he's a smol goth bean 😹