My Blood Or My Love? ✔️

My Blood Or My Love? ✔️

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Donna Wiyada By DonnaWiyada Completed

Highest Ranking: #7  in Vampire 19/07/2016

COMPLETED Book 1 of the MBOML series.

How would you feel if you were suddenly kidnapped off of the streets at 18 years old and sold to wealthy business men who happened to be vampires?

Extremely pissed, confused and angry of course.  

Meet Isadora Pallas.  An 18 year old bad-ass who wants to escape her ignorant, cold-hearted yet annoyingly attractive, vampire master.  
Meet Lucien Abelló.  An emotionless, frozen-hearted and ignorant vampire who owns a large company and cares little about his human 'pets'.  
An arrogant bastard and a cocky teenager are an incompatible pairing but Isadora can't deny her attraction towards him.  

Things begin to get even more complicated when Isadora learns about her family history and who she is.  Soon she's on the run from someone who wants her dead.  

Join Isadora and Lucien on their journey through a terrible party that plays a Barbie song, a trip to a Donald Trump hotel (just kidding, it's not owned by Trump), a Vampire Kill Squad and a rainforest of mosquitoes.  

And of course, their journey of love, heartbreak and trust.  

Through all of their journeys, where will their final destination be?

Copyright 2015. 
All Rights Reserved.

WARNING: This book will contain violent scenes, strong language and sexual content, so please read at your own risk.

Ashnotass Ashnotass Jul 16
I've never had a bedtime story😒😒 I mean, sure there were the occasional ghost stories with the fam but never with my parents. Da fuq
I love thisssss. But skittles are better than cheetos. Just saying
Ddddaaamn that's a night bun. That lady's face looks like a plastic bag
Raquel98_LA Raquel98_LA Jul 08
Oooh a girl with straight black hair, I almost never hear that, thanks for that
greatody greatody Aug 06, 2016
Uhhh...the shithole who kidnapped u and locked u up in the godforsaken place
Marvel_Girl_2000 Marvel_Girl_2000 Dec 02, 2016
I always say I love you too my Mum, I feel anxious if I dont! 😂