Only Mine

Only Mine

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Hannah Banana By starbanana20 Updated Dec 29, 2017

"Let go of me." I practically yelled. "No." he said still grasping my wrist. "Why not?" I demanded. "Because you're mine and only mine." he said.

Blake Dillon is a unique girl. There's no one else really like her. And this girl is me. I have been home schooled ,for all of my life until my parents decided to put me into real high school for the "senior year experience" whatever that means. When I first walked onto the campus of Aurodon High, I didn't expect much. I immediately noticed the different cliques as I was walking to the main office. I saw the jocks, the nerds/geeks, the popular girls, the skaters, and last but certainly not least the bad boys. New school, new people, new environment. Friendships will evolve and so will crushes. But I am certainly not ready for this crazy ride.

Tyler Knight. People tremble at my name. I am the baddest of the bad. The head of the bad boy group "the Alphas". I rule Aurodon High  along with the jocks. I can get whoever, whatever, whenever I want. Girls drool over me and guys wish they were me. Every girl wanted to be mine, that is every girl except the new girl Blake. The one girl that didn't want me, I wanted and I was gonna get her.

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LandOfTheUnknown LandOfTheUnknown Aug 15, 2017
I know exactly how it feels to have to move far far away from you're home.
cockadoodledee cockadoodledee Jul 29, 2017
Whenever it says, "I'm 17 years old and I am an only child," for some reason I read,"I'm 17 years old and I am an elderly man." 😂
I cried for weeks leading up to me moving
                              I lived ther for like 9 years
Yall got speedforce or something took me 2 weeks to pack
                              Family of 6
easypeasy825 easypeasy825 Dec 27, 2017
"What's up? My names Jarred and I never fvcking learned how to read"😂💀
dirtypiegon dirtypiegon Dec 26, 2016
May you make this into paragraphs it's easier to read and you don't get lost