Saving Adam

Saving Adam

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Sarah Campbell has everything she's ever wanted. She worked day and in and day out for her acceptance to her dream school, Vanderbilt University. And now that she's got it she can't wait to finally let loose. She never was the goodie-two-shoes her parents thought she was, but with a new start here at Vandy, she's really ready to make a name for herself. Except she already has one. Sarah Campbell, Peer Mentor.
Sarah's been volunteering as a peer mentor at Vanderbilt since she was in high school, so it's no shock to her when her boss asks her to take on the hardest case of the semester.

Cue Adam Watson.
Adam Watson is ready to move out and move on. With a past riddled with mistakes, he's ready to create a new future for himself. The only problem? Vanderbilt isn't so forgiving. He's handed his acceptance and football scholarship with one condition, that he meets with a peer mentor once a week.
After a serious warning from the head coach, and threats of being kicked off the team, Adam realizes that the only way he's going to keep his starting position is by actually attending these meetings once a week. Even if it's not by choice.

Sarah Campbell and Adam Watson's worlds collide in a unique set of circumstances, and neither one of them are necessarily thrilled about it. But as Sarah begins to spend more time with Adam, she realizes that there's more to him than what meets the eye. And maybe, just maybe, there's a piece of him worth saving.

*Trigger Warning: This book deals with issues such as Alcoholism & Bulimia.

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I just finished the Golden Couple (after reading it since like the 12th chapter) and I'm really glad that I have another book to start. I just wanted to say thank you for taking your time to write books that are so amazing. They all make me really happy.
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So tomorrow. Please update, it'll be the highlight of my day since I have Romanian tutoring, doctor meeting (smth I do NOT look forward to) and aikido 😭😭😭
Omg i remember when you had posted this summary a while ago and i screenshotted it,  but i forgot who the writer was and now i finally see it!!  I can't wait for this book!
Lol sorry this is a real random statement but Sarah Campbell is legit my cousins name. Lol!
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I forgot the update date so it was a nice surprise to wake up and see chapter one just waiting to be read.