Natsu x reader mating season (completed)

Natsu x reader mating season (completed)

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Jessica O'Rielly By CrazySmiler2013 Completed

It's been two years after you got Natsu back the guild went back to its normal self. But what happens when mating season comes around? While Natsu be able to control his other side or will it take over? They both love you but one just wants to fuck you and the other loves you and cares for you. 

Y/n = your name 
H/c =your hair colour
F/d=favourite drink

Hi this is my first story it was actually made by my cousin but because she didn't has wattpad she asked me to post it for her which I think is stupid but hope you enjoy if you do I'll get more of my cousins story's bye

    -Sarah_Dee- -Sarah_Dee- Sep 06
    I know you like him Lis. But we had this talk. When I read NaRe books you need to back your ass up. But if I read a NaLi book then be my guess and smother him with your cuteness!😊
    What's funny is we are the ones who have to suffer E.N.D during mating season
    -Sarah_Dee- -Sarah_Dee- Sep 06
    HA BITCH!😏😂😂
                                  Also this might just be a typo (again...😔) but his name is spelled Gray not Grey. Sorry for the inconvenience
                                  But actually, in Rave master, the other manga Hiro Mashima created, it said 'FairyTale' instead of 'FairyTail'. SO YEAH
    N-not to b-be rude author-san b-but it i-is Fairy Tail, I a-apologize for the i-interuptuon
    For a minute I'm like why am I reading this! Then I'm like" cause I like it"