Don't You Cry » Supernatural [7] | ✓

Don't You Cry » Supernatural [7] | ✓

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"Losing Ben and Lisa was hard, but it also meant something else to me. I loved her. I mean I really loved her. But Maybe it wasn't meant to be." Dean says. "Because no matter what crap that comes my way or the monster that I have to kill, I always find my way back to you. I will always find my way to you. Even though you and Sam's destiny was fated-"

"Screw destiny. Sam and I might have been fated, but I like to think of here and now. It's our turn." Elena says. 

Dean leans in to kiss Elena slowly, but it starts to drizzle. They both pull apart and look at the sky. Then it rains harder. "Maybe we should-"

"Just shut up and kiss me?"


Elena doesn't know what she's gonna do.

Sam has been the love of her life for as long as she can remember. He's probably the only one who really knows her. He's sweet and kind and would do anything for her.

On the other hand, Dean has always been her best friend. Even though they've had their moments, Elena can't help but feel something for him too. He makes her laugh and is always there to protect her.

She can't really make a decision, especially not when Leviathans are roaming around, turning people into dummies. 

[Supernatural Season 7]

all rights go to Eric Kripke & Robert Singer; I do not own Elena or any other Vampire Diaries characters, just the storylines

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