Imagine; {Janoskians} -Dirty&Sweet

Imagine; {Janoskians} -Dirty&Sweet

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Georgia Patton By georgiapatton Updated Dec 01, 2015

                                           this 'story' will be filled with Janoskian Imagines. 

some will be dirty, and contain sexual language and imagery. Some will also be sweet, and nice. I will warn you before you read any further by having it labelled at the top "Dirty" OR "Sweet" please look out for the labbeles. 

Please note, that this imagines are fictional, so please don't take anything to heart. And that they are only fanfiction. {we all secretly wish they were true}

If you would like to have a Imagine wrote for you, please just leave me a mail stating:

Name {fictional or real}:
Janoskian Member:
Storyline {basics}:
Dirty or Sweet; Both?:

If you don't want one written for yourself, but would just want to leave a storyline, that'd be amazing and so helpful. 

Hope you ENJOY reading these Imagines. 


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_kisshugkiss_ _kisshugkiss_ Jul 08, 2016
Name: Shinade
                              Member: Beau
                              Scenario: Dirty (extremely) - Intense sex scenes.
                              Age: 20
taylah_brooks2 taylah_brooks2 Jan 25, 2016
Name: Taylah
                              Janoskian member: Jai brooks
                              Scenario: sweet. 
                              Age: 17
sxualclifford sxualclifford Dec 05, 2015
Ps: we are boyfriend and girlfriend
                              And please use "baby girl" and "daddy" as nick names for the dirty part
sxualclifford sxualclifford Dec 05, 2015
Antonella (anto), beau, 17, VERY VERY dirty and something like he is so frustrared with work and need to relax... If you know what i mean..
Eccedentesiant Eccedentesiant Jul 02, 2015
                              Veryyyy dirty ;)
                              We have been dating for 5 months and have had sex a lot. They were home alone, skinny dipping and had fun in the pool and the boys draw
Austinsbabe01 Austinsbabe01 Nov 12, 2013
                              Janoskian: Luke
                              Situation: he playfully pins me down because he wants me to say
                              'He is the hottest guy on earth' or 'Luke is more hotter than Taylor launter!'
                              Muah xoxo