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Gravity Falls Reader Love Story (Completed)

Gravity Falls Reader Love Story (Completed)

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FandomTrash93 By gravityfallsgirl93 Completed

Hey Gravity Falls fans! If your looking for a fan fiction with action, romance and drama, read this story. This story is completed. 
                      You have decided to stay with your parents friend named Stan at the Mystery Shack. There, you meet Dipper and Mabel Pines, some friend that are not so friendly, and a dream demon that could possibly be a love interest? Follow the main characters as they face challenges of love, and, of course, the supernatural. Stay weird!!❤️

*Highets Rating- #13 in "Gravity Falls Love" search*

OK, just by reading this it's obvious who it is. *SPOILER ALERT (probably)* GIDEON
Am I the only one that has a love-hate relationship with Bill?
Fly to the moon. Better yet fly to THE SUN I don't want to date A FUDGIN' DREAM DEMON
WELP! Let's hope I'm not at the front! BUT the back! even though my innocence is now gone!
Gideon? If so, does any one have fox repellent? But for Boys named Gideon, Bill, and Dipper. 
                              (Gets repellent)
                              Great! now I'm safe from all PERVES!
Laughs like twilight sparkle screaming  when she finds an alligator in the tub.