That Awkward Moment (#Wattys2016)

That Awkward Moment (#Wattys2016)

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a compilations of the most awkward moments that make you wanted to crawl into a hole.

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Date Published : [30/11/2015]

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That happened to me one time in 6th grade and everyone laughed at me
stupiditti stupiditti Aug 15
Once proudly announced 0X1=1 after a whole bunch of calculations in front of the whole class
k2ss13 k2ss13 May 18
That awkward moment when you're going to make toast.... and there's no bread!!
And the class laughs at you and you feel bad so you keep quiet for the rest of the lesson.
Did anyone just click the book because the Oreos looked so good that you wanted to eat them?
I know how that feels😧 I didn't put my hand up for the rest of the class