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Backspace | Kim Taehyung

Backspace | Kim Taehyung

747K Reads 56.6K Votes 46 Part Story
🍻 By d-rated Completed

❝You must like that backspace so bad, Taehyung. You kept on typing messages but delete them immediately afterwards.  Does that describe you? Do you usually do something and then regret it enough to take it back?❞ 

Curious and full of positivity, Lee Miyun makes the first move on her anti-social schoolmate, Kim Taehyung, as she aims to dig deep into the secrets behind his scars.

Highest Ranking: #1 in Fanfiction on 19/12/16


"Wearing the typical depressing goodie every single day"
                              Well, if that's not me I don't know what is.
Ophelium- Ophelium- Jan 13
"Hope it turns out to be good"? Mate, this book has been ranked #1 in fanfiction
lostlowkey lostlowkey Jan 11
will start rereading @dominants  and bear with me too! i'll try to be loud in the comment box this time---oops. :>
I am re-reading this at 12:36AM because who won't? This book is really cute and urhh
Taehyung? Hating life? Are you sure? And he LOVES people in general. What.
Taehyung wearing a depressing hoodie. Idk about you but I find that HOT