Beauty & The Beast ➸ Derek Hale

Beauty & The Beast ➸ Derek Hale

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Maya Argent - Ever since she came out of an abusive relationship, Chris knew that telling her about werewolves will cause her to go further into depression. Being the youngest child in the family as well as being naive and innocent Maya knew that someone, or something had saved her from her abusive boyfriend in that night in the woods. 

Derek Hale - Ever since Kate Argent burned down the Hale House as well as Derek's family, Derek has felt nothing but anger and hatred towards the Argent's. So imagine Derek saving an Argent? It's true, he did. Going into the woods, Derek saved Maya from her abusive boyfriend or so he thought. Because later on he learns that Maya is his mate and she was already scarred emotionally, mentally and physically by her boyfriend. 

Now join Derek as he mends his broken Beauty and Maya mends her broken Beast

"Come Back To Me."

*Based on Season 1- 4. I do not own Teen Wolf. I only own Maya and other characters that aren't oringinally from Teen Wolf. 

*Scenes that are created by me are All Rights Reserved, Copyright 2017 ©®

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CherinneAli CherinneAli Nov 29, 2017
I love how this book goes through the relationship between Maya and Derek.... its so great love the depth and every thing... your doing great author you should be proud of your self😁
LylonieBennett LylonieBennett Sep 01, 2017
2nd time reading this amazing well-written Derek Hale love story
Amazinggirl55 Amazinggirl55 Jun 21, 2017
If she is the youngest of the Argents, then she must be younger than Allison who is 17, that would make her 16 at the very most. What would a 24 year old be doing with a 16 year old? I'm pretty sure that equals to jailbait.
carysdoug carysdoug Jun 30, 2017
Is it just me, or does that tattoo look like a fidget spinner
IdaBaymler IdaBaymler Nov 12, 2017
Third time reading this! Nothing can stop me, I'm already here
DefenseIsSarcasm DefenseIsSarcasm Dec 16, 2016
Hey when you finish this book or whenever you want to could you maybe make a book about what happens behind the scene with Mayas actress and maybe you could have her and Tyler Hoechlin dating 
                              Do you understand what I mean?