My Peter Pan Story (Joshua Fanfiction)

My Peter Pan Story (Joshua Fanfiction)

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soft for a lotto (。・ω・)ノ゙ By QUEENMICHELSA Completed

Peter Pan is a boy that never grows up. She's a girl who doesn't want to grow up. She isn't very fond of him because of his mature ways and he isn't very fond of her because of her childish ways. Making things work out properly is like trying to make both alike poles meet.     

Time's ticking like a bomb and because of her, he revisits all of the old fairytales one by one. He is able to discover that a childhood is precious. 

❝Our youth is precious, so let's spend it magically the way we did when we were kids.❞

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Amazing cover by @yuukieee :)

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                              Second, I MISS HOYA WHY'D HE LEAVE T_T
Dude that should be an hour not a day cuz that's 8 dollars lmao
That's awfully bad. Ain't that below the payment limit or something? Thought the minimum was around 7 dollars or something. 
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Jaemin is always in stories I read but not as a main character 😂
I would be freaking out if I got detention. How is she so chill about this 😂
It's okay, honey. We all go through Existential Crisis. It's normal.