Wait, but Muke!

Wait, but Muke!

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Sleepful nightmare By SxcialSxicide Completed

"Guys! Come here, I'd like you to meet my girlfriend. Arzaylea!" 

"Wait, but Muke!" 

"Michael stop messing around!" 


Um if I get hate for this too bad, this isn't meant to be rude to Arzaylea. This is meant to prove muke is better XD 

This will hopefully be funny and cool, and people will like it and stuff :-/ 

A special thanks to makeoutmgc for the beautiful cover :-)

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editormorgs editormorgs Jun 15, 2017
Dude. If this actually went on in his head I'm shooketh. I'd be so happy omg
Mukeiloveu Mukeiloveu Apr 22, 2017
Okay but she looks like Ursula, like when she turns into a human
BandsAndsCheetos BandsAndsCheetos Nov 21, 2017
Omg I just died and my brother is like what are you laughing at
Liuyah Liuyah Jun 18, 2017
Me, Reading again😐 Because this book is so good and funny😍
cashtonisthebest cashtonisthebest Jun 07, 2017
Same as soon as someone threatens to take my phone or food I literally race to do what they told me to do.😂😂😂