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The Nerd Is Really A Famous Actress

The Nerd Is Really A Famous Actress

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Red By DeadlyRedhead Completed

Nikki Devron is not your average teenager. In school she is Lana Pageant, the nerd who everyone picks on. In real life she is one of the most famous actresses in the world, known for her beauty and acting skills.
  But there is one problem, being one of the most famous people in the world she never gets a break from everything in her acting life. She disguises herself at school as Lana Pageant, she keeps her head down and stays under the radar at all times.
  But suddenly her life takes a turn; bringing on three hot, popular boys, new movies, parties, english projects and model best friends. Can she keep it all up or will all the stress build up inside her until she can't take it?
  Warning: Includes swearing.

Awesome cover by @Lord_Tommo
#8 in Humor - 13/9/2016
  Copyright © 2016 - DeadlyRedhead

deleiryum deleiryum Apr 18
Lol does anyone remember doing AFL at school? And having Sydney swan etc. guys teach you how to play?
How do you decide to cook for them if they were begging for you to cook for them but you didn't want to how is that " i decided to cook"
Ezza_247 Ezza_247 Apr 09
I don't get it, I thought that she wanted to be disguised so that she could have a break from acting & being famous.
I forgot this was in Australia, so I was like goals in football? Tf? But then I remembered😄😅
ZipporahM ZipporahM Sep 04, 2016
Wow, the introduction of this story is very  in depth just to inform you, I will use your strategy to publish my introduction (I'm not saying I'm copying it) I'm going to use the way you structured your introduction to structure mine xD.
I would've been like bitch, tf? No I will not cook fo yo crusty asses, God gave you arms and legs for a reason, USE THEM😕😕😕😣😤
                              I would've made food but..........
                              FOR MYSELF😜😜😜😇😇