Creepy. Right?

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Tyra By PerfectMurderer Updated 3 years ago
My Mom said I have a problema' and can't stick with one story. I think she's right. So, to get past my horrible habit I created..BUM! BUM! BUM! "Creepy. Right?" So, when I wanna' post a new story I say,"Tyra! No! Post it in, Creepy. Right?." Then after I do it I pat myself on the head and say,"Goood Job!" In my stories folder I have more than 30 other stories in my other folder that says,"Stories that I will Come Back too". I have a really bad habit. XD The ones in here are just the samples. This is nothing compared to what I have stored on my laptop. XD
    This also has short stories that I decided to write. If I write them. :3
Nice I love it! Keep going! I kind of grew an obsession for Phineas and Ferb...Well I am a preteen...