Runaway Princess - Garroth x Reader - Book 1

Runaway Princess - Garroth x Reader - Book 1

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A princess was destined to marry someone she'd never met. One faithful day, her home was destroyed. She ran away and hid under a dock. There, her story began.

Book 1 - Runaway Princess [COMPLETE]

Book 2 - Out of the Woods [INCOMPLETE]

Book 3 - Runaway Bride [BRAINSTORMING]

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Aria_Blazze Aria_Blazze Aug 13, 2017
I would say it was Dante, but this is frickin Garroth x Reader and as I said, Garroth is a living cliche
Aria_Blazze Aria_Blazze Aug 13, 2017
(PS I'm still gonna hate Garroth)
                              Garroth you aren't yourself when you're hungry. *Gives em a Snickers....
                              And then stabs him*
                              Sorry not sorry
CrescentAlliance CrescentAlliance Aug 16, 2017
That wasn't me singing! What is singing? What is talking? Who am I? Who are you?
ImMagicalLikeThat ImMagicalLikeThat Nov 22, 2017
I luv dis song i havn't heard iy in forever but i can wait a few minuties to hear it
puppdoggy puppdoggy Dec 24, 2016
Sees a girl......shoots her in shoulder......looks like we got a lady killer (literally
Yui_Crystallinne_19 Yui_Crystallinne_19 Mar 09, 2016
"Take off the hood and tell us your name" but the picture above has no hood WTH?!?!