[Levi x Eren] Treasured

[Levi x Eren] Treasured

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Baby Boy By prettyseaboy Updated Jun 14


Trigger warning for rape.

Eren is always going to be short in my stories because  he's honestly so precious
Owner/Master!Levi x Pet!Eren.
Read at your own risk - because there will be yaoi.
Seriously there's so much smut.

It's basically just smut and fluff.
And Mpreg.

Story was made in October-ish, 2015.

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JTtheAnimeFreak JTtheAnimeFreak Dec 05, 2017
U don’t feed the child boi he need some miiiiiilllllllkkkkk
Elain_Jeagerman Elain_Jeagerman Apr 16, 2017
If Angeles have nightmares, do Demons have dreams?
                              Sorry just wondering...
DemonicLions DemonicLions Jul 17, 2017
Why of all times am I thinking of some sleepover with a friend.... Wait maybe it's because we were playing a Wii game and had to read aloud the story lines and every time a word was red we would say daddy instead of the actually word.... @Schmidtlover111 "The daddy will save the village!"
DemonicLions DemonicLions Jul 17, 2017
He thanks god for the gay porn while my grandma tells me god hates me for being bisexual. Logic
HerdingSpaceKids HerdingSpaceKids Jan 17, 2017
I am %100 reading this as soon as I finish your other book. Pet Eren is adorable.
HerdingSpaceKids HerdingSpaceKids Jan 18, 2017
You know when I read playrooms earlier I got a completely different idea