Cryophobia - (Sans x Reader)

Cryophobia - (Sans x Reader)

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AlinaColorLight AlinaColorLight 6 days ago
Crystal! One because no one can see though my masks
                              Two My personality is mixed
                              Three: it can be pure or tainted
*sips tea*
                              Now we can listen to Megalovania 100x times louder. Cover your ears with bananas, please.
Me:I dont.....
                              Voice:Wait what!
                              Me:if so then*shatters my own soul*
                              *seconds to process* Okay, kind of can't, we had to go down anyways for Frisk, and he made it quicker...So, you're safe for now, ya weed
Black, for death, for peace, for relocation that nothing is permanent.
fossildash fossildash a day ago
Uh... Tje temperature dropping can be explained by the altitude.