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Wolfwriter07 By Wolfwriter07 Updated Oct 29, 2017

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She has mixed blood. Half Scottish and half Norwegian, she has always been a bit of an outcast; but not just because of her heritage. She has always been boyish in a way: shooting arrows and slashing at trees with her iron sword.

But when Norwegian Vikings come back to Scotland again, The King of Vikings decides to take Lagertha back to Norway with him to be his wife. Eventually, she persuades The King of Vikings to be set free from his wedding plans; but The King of Vikings takes Lagertha's skill into account and makes the myth of the shieldmaiden real. But can Lagertha handle being a shield maiden? Will she give into The King of Vikings and become his bride? Will she actually survive? And the most disturbing thing is the experiences that 17 year old Lagertha will have to endure.

This is not historically accurate. 
There may be some violent scenes that may disturb readers. If you are not one for violence, skip over those parts. They are, however, not overly descriptive.

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sandrine2015 sandrine2015 Jul 24, 2016
Not very good?Are you kidding me?This is only the start and I am loving your story.Love it👌👍
Zafira3 Zafira3 Apr 23, 2016
Oh my, the combination of tge epic music and equally epic setting makes me fall in love with this story already
chikki321 chikki321 Mar 19, 2016
@Wolfwriter07 sorry I couldn't read this earlier but this is absolutely AMAZING
sandrine2015 sandrine2015 Jul 24, 2016
You are seriously underrated. I've read so many stories that are so cliche but yours is AWESOME!
Wolfwriter07 Wolfwriter07 Dec 11, 2015
Thanks soo much guys! I see shout outs in your near future @Coora360 and @Rainbowhead456