Revenge and Frost (Sequel to Frost)

Revenge and Frost (Sequel to Frost)

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Stephanie Las By stephanielas Completed

Sequel to Frost.
Disclaimer-I don't own transformers. Only my OC's!

The names Frost. Yep! It's me again! It's been a while since the "Incident at Mission City". After mission city was over with, I just wanted to sleep. I did.

Now, Sam is off to Princeton while I'm off to spend the rest of my time being a Seventeen year old with the Bot's. Yay! Not really. Ever since Jazz's passing I've felt so, depressed. Like something s missing. I want him back. I want him as my guardian again. 

But, let's be realistic. He can't come back. Or can he?

Megatron is alive and the fallen is coming...anything is possible.

(Revenge of the Fallen!)

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