Game Plan

Game Plan

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Tara By MercyRose Updated Feb 09, 2014

Football star, Dirk Curry, is the type of man that women all over the world fantasize about. A deadly combination of endearing charm, outgoing personality and movie star good looks makes him nearly irresistible- most of the time, that is. 

Chelsy Lawson hates sports. Her father, Torrence Lawson, was well known as Dallas Supernova's most beloved Quarterback after winning MVP for seven years straight.  If that wasn't enough, her mother was known for being one of the most aggressive female sport's agents of her time. And then there was her baby sister, Mary Lawson, who just so happened to be one of ESPN's most popular female sports analysts. 

Growing up, Chelsy found herself surrounded by sport's athletes.  Many of them coming in and out of her home, making her life crazy with their inflated egos and an insane desire to talk about themselves. 

After college, she settled down with a prominent law firm as a legal assistant. With her life just beginning she wanted to stay as far away from famous athletes as she possibly could. 

But there was one place she couldn't avoid said athletes- her sister's wedding to another famous football star, Jet (Colton) Jordan.

It was supposed to be the wedding of the year. Everyone was supposed to be there, including the magnetic, Dirk Curry who is instantly intrigued with the little spitfire whom he later learns is the older Lawson sister.

Sparks begin to fly as Chelsy does everything in her power to dodge Mr. Dirk Curry. 

But Dirk Curry was a player and when he played- he played for keeps. 

All he needed was the perfect plan.

Game plan, that is.......

samir-bin-noor samir-bin-noor Apr 17, 2017
The best gal to flow is a gal hu's tall, slender legs, silky blond hair and blue eyes... Wowow! That one is so 😘😘😘 I will flow her even if she enter the grave
sam_lovely0501 sam_lovely0501 May 21, 2016
I'm recently hooked with popular athletes story line. Glad I found this but sad coz its not yet completed..but never mind.
stox4story stox4story Jan 18, 2016
I read the intro and this sounds like a really good storyline. Have you given up on it? I notice the last update was a year ago. Hope you decide to complete this. It sounds like it could be one of your  best efforts (from reading the intro).
Fuzzylovestar Fuzzylovestar Dec 26, 2015
The author wrote it like this for reasons that just stop complaining about it.
Fuzzylovestar Fuzzylovestar Dec 26, 2015
I have red hair and green eyes, no one is always happy with how they look.
yojie35 yojie35 Nov 12, 2015
Hahaha.. wish i was there to see her overly happy over a stripper