Claimed (NaLu)

Claimed (NaLu)

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Heartfilia By phanheartfilia Updated May 03, 2016

Lucy heartfilia was a young 19 year old girl who was one day was kidnapped by a handsome Salmon colored hair man, He's an ignorant, rude, cold hearted jerk who treats Lucy like a toy. She took all the chances she got to escape from his hell, but he always caught her. But What happens when Natsu goes soft for her and she slowly ends up falling for him? Find out what happens next on 'Claimed'

~; Cover Credits to Tenth_ace, Thanks for the amazing cover! ;~

Fact - I will include GaLe / Jerza / Gruvia but it will mainly focus on Natsu and Lucy

pockygoddess pockygoddess Dec 02, 2016
The most wanted man known, who is in a popular gang and who is not afraid to kidnap a girl.....goes to...Denny's. You go author chan.👏
Immortalsfan1 Immortalsfan1 Nov 29, 2016
Roses are red violets are blue  give me my stick or suck my dick
Fairytail-215 Fairytail-215 Dec 30, 2016
                              But the only problem is I don't wear them in public because I'm insecure
DevilDragonSlayer DevilDragonSlayer Nov 22, 2016
Random blue cat... in a modern world that sits on a criminals shoulder, not so scary
Fairytail-215 Fairytail-215 Dec 30, 2016
Can't you just open it from the inside or does it have a child safety lock😑
Immortalsfan1 Immortalsfan1 Nov 29, 2016
Who wants to bet gajeel has his claim on levy and Laxus has his claim on mirs