Binary Stars (BoyxBoy)

Binary Stars (BoyxBoy)

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mythmouth By mythmouth Updated Jan 10, 2016

Before Richard, all I had wanted was my mother's smile to reach her eyes, for her to be loved as she loved-- soft and loyal.

But over time, as years passed-- the wish changed to something warped, something twisted.  I talked less, thought more, blew out the candle on my eighth birthday cake-- and I wished that I'd grow, that I'd be become more than Richard, stronger-- less afraid.  

That maybe I would never feel at all.

That one day, he'd touch my mother, bruise her skin like petals, and I'd fucking kill him.

Counterpart to Black Velvet, highly suggest reading it first, but works as a stand alone story.

Hm,So that's how someone gets to be six feet and menacing. You wish for it
Talk less,smile more don't let them know what your against or what your for, if you wanna get ahead fools who run their mouth often wind up dead
Premonitory Premonitory May 10, 2016
I love your motifs the flowers, locked doors, stars, the rose bushes, thorns etc all amazing
LornaAFreeman LornaAFreeman Feb 21, 2016
Just finished Black Velvet so of course I hopped right on over here!! Can't get enough of these two XD
- - Aug 24, 2016
Now I completely understand why he freaked when "you know who" said "you know what".
mychemicalarmin mychemicalarmin Mar 11, 2016
I'm so excited to get this from his POV omgggggg I love switching povs sm