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The Unknown Miracle {KNB FANFIC}

The Unknown Miracle {KNB FANFIC}

22.6K Reads 786 Votes 8 Part Story
YukikoKNB By YukikoKNB Updated Jan 31

The Unknown Miracle is the rumored seventh prodigy of the Generation of Miracles. This miracle had the gift of speed even faster than sound, was also able to shoot from any place on the court with ease. This miracle was no such rumor, because it was all true. 
Meet Yukiko Nakagawa, the seventh member and prodigy of the generation of miracles, a cheerful and funny girl with a strong passion for basketball. She was close friends with Momoi, which is how she met the generation of Miracles. She created a strong bond with each player, but when she thought it would last something changed. 
She was tired of them not realizing what the real meaning basketball is to have fun with one another. She left her last year of middle school to America, later on returning rejuvenated and ready to start new. She decides to go to Seiren High feeling good about her choice; she is reunited with her two friends and makes new ones along the way. She is ready to show her former teammates what basketball is really about.

unorganized_fangirl unorganized_fangirl Jun 11, 2016
                              Midorami: I'm not a tsindere!!
                              Me: Sure...^~^
                              Midorima: I-I ugh! I give up! ;~;
                              Me: its all fun and games! So don't cry I'm sowwy!! \(•^•)/
                              Me: I think I broke him...^^
whiteSilence120 whiteSilence120 Dec 01, 2015
i loved this chap ^-^ still.... i feel like Tetsuya is being neglected .........oh well it's a good story  hope u update soon ^^
Alice_yonnice Alice_yonnice Dec 01, 2015
Its a good story....i wonder who would be her lover, can you make akshi as her lover please. Onegai~ Thank you...
JERZAyo JERZAyo Dec 01, 2015
                              I CANT IMAGINE AOMINE SYAING THIS
                              BUT IF HE DID IT WOULD BE SO CUTE
BlackieChan BlackieChan Dec 01, 2015
Wow love this story please update soon or I might get withdrawal symptoms
xScarlett141 xScarlett141 Dec 01, 2015
Interesting and a good story so far can't wait for an update