Saving Grace

Saving Grace

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When Beauty meets the Beast where love weathers storms.

 A mother-a friend-a provider-a giver- a fighter, yet flawed. 27 year old Shawnee carries the weight of these titles well as she takes on the daily task of caring for her 6yr old son, while trying to find her way in love and life. 

With dreams beyond her nurses aide background, Shawnee takes a leap of faith in the middle of crisis. As her world shatters around her, with some of the brokenness still intact-she falters. Not for long does she tread the line between happiness and tragedy, before reality sets in. 

Odell's youth was spent causing chaos all whilst attempting to put the pieces of his life back together. At the age of 18 he's forced out of his childhood home, in the aftermath of leading a life no parent would wish for their child. His own indiscretions bring about further poor decision making, but loneliness cures the bite of his rugged outlook. 

Determined to grow from his mistakes, Odell distances himself in the extreme. Over 500 miles away from what was comfortable and known to him, he clears a murky path for himself in Atlanta, Georgia. It's there that he discovers that what he needed was in closer proximity than he'd thought. 

The seemingly odd pair finds comfort in their ability to bond and adapt without much firsthand knowledge of each other. However, what brings them together, may very well be a part of what shifts their relationship for the better and worst. 

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KaayTwicee KaayTwicee Mar 18, 2017
You right. In Your eyes. In my eyes that ain't no real friend. She said that too freely with no filter meaning she been wanting to tell you that or she been saying that behind your back. WAtch her
MeOverYou MeOverYou 4 days ago
she strong cause i'd be waaayy to emotional to work newborns, especially those that have problems after birth 😢
KaayTwicee KaayTwicee Mar 18, 2017
He seem just antisocial. He don't fvck with the fake or the bullshvt that comes with people. Real recognize real that's why he likes Shawnee
QueenReignsSupreme QueenReignsSupreme Aug 21, 2017
Change your lock, girl. He has no right to barging in your house like that
MeOverYou MeOverYou 4 days ago
how any woman can be with a man who doesn't do right by his children is beyond me!
MeOverYou MeOverYou 4 days ago
imagine putting up w/ somebody shitty behavior just bc they paying bills.. LOL