Pirates Life For Me! (Billdip) #Wattys2016

Pirates Life For Me! (Billdip) #Wattys2016

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Yoie By yoielovesstories Updated Aug 12, 2017

Under the water there are legends told throughout the ages....

Myths that drive men insane in the hopes that they'll find them....

The most popular legend is the one of the Mermaid..

Most foretell it's of beautiful women would have the bottoms of fish and sing beautiful melody...

Though that isn't terribly wrong, it isn't right either...

See there aren't just women mer-folk but there are males but they are very rare and very allusive.

But this story is about a curious little merman whose only wish is to explore and find out the secrets of the world...

And of a man born with a dark past and ruler of the seas seeing for the rarest treasure of all

A male mermaid..

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I thought the summary was good! Never in my entire time here at wattpad did I think I'd get so roped into a siren au  where Bill isn't the siren!
SweaterPie666 SweaterPie666 Oct 10, 2017
The first thing when you said half human half fish, I imagined mermando XD
phantomcat83 phantomcat83 Mar 01, 2016
Oh good god I thought it said soccer player and got sooooo confused
chojisbutterfly chojisbutterfly Jun 26, 2016
Sorry if it annoys you when people do this but you wrote "hoes" in the story description lol
Person223388 Person223388 Nov 27, 2016
Oh I didn't realize this was fanfiction lol XD I'm craving mermaids/mermen so I shall continue
cattheneko cattheneko Dec 26, 2015
:O So cool!!!!! Btw, that last line makes me think of that song 'Pure Imagination' X3