Smut book

Smut book

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⌜cold weather⌟  By hoseokspotato Updated Jun 28

Warning: graphic content

Might contain: orgy, multiple personalities, double/triple penetration, kinks, BDSM, poor humor and sometimes death
It also contains some cute stuff that will make you poop rainbows
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 ⌞Started on: 7/december/15⌝ 
 ⌞Finished on:   n e v e r⌝

why does my mom look like a punk
                              it should be illegal for us to have photoshop
If the cock is trembling then it must be damn cold. Give it a blanket
I'm not gay guys. That ain't me. I'm just comfortable with my sexuality.
-saenpai -saenpai Feb 26
O wowzers m8 I suddenly can't see Jin's hotness has blinded me