Smut book

Smut book

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⌜cold weather⌟  By hoseokspotato Updated Jun 28, 2017

Warning: graphic content

Might contain: orgy, multiple personalities, double/triple penetration, kinks, BDSM, poor humor and sometimes death
It also contains some cute stuff that will make you poop rainbows
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 ⌞Started on: 7/december/15⌝ 
 ⌞Finished on:   n e v e r⌝

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busythinkingboutboys busythinkingboutboys May 26, 2017
why does my mom look like a punk
                              it should be illegal for us to have photoshop
MeLikeyYuh MeLikeyYuh Aug 10, 2017
If the cock is trembling then it must be damn cold. Give it a blanket
Mikasu-Senpai Mikasu-Senpai Sep 19, 2017
I'm not gay guys. That ain't me. I'm just comfortable with my sexuality.
                              Also "Thunder" by Imagine Dragons is playing, so "feel the thunder" has basically been all I've been hearing through this entire chap.
boysage boysage Apr 10
im sorry my first thought was idubbbz dropping down and saying "im gay" just sorry
-saenpai -saenpai Feb 26, 2017
O wowzers m8 I suddenly can't see Jin's hotness has blinded me