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The Dawson Sisters

The Dawson Sisters

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I N F A M O U S ✔ By midnightskies- Updated Mar 20

Evrey Gang knows Of Richard Dawson.
Gang Lord.
Basically the king of evreything illegal.
But 3 people even more known are his daughters.
Youngest Eve. 15
Middle sister Shay 17
And Lastly The Oldest. The Most known. Katrina. Kat.18
After their mom died their father got remarried. And the girls rebelled. But that was expected either way.
The are not part of a gang per say. Some would say their as powerful and scary as one together.
The girls are best friends. 
Eve being very mischievous. Just kind of coming into her new found dangerous side. Shay is very quick witted. Sassy. Has had more time to develop the taste for her rebellious side.
And Kat, well shes basically the description of the word Dangerous. Shes a smart ass who has not regard for rules whatsoever. And other than her sisters her only close friend is her gun thats always by her side.
When Their father proposes to the Witch Regina. they are all forced to go to New York to meet her family for the first time ever. The though of them having to call Reggie Mother is horrible, and only makes the girls rebel more. What happens when they find themselves knee deep in gang territory. Will they finally be taken down a peg, or will Anders? Anders Franklin. Bad boy, heartthrob, along with heartbreaker.
When the girls come face to face with Anders gang one of them are not going to be expecting whats next.
There will Be death, pain, Happiness, Sadness, change, and love. And the lives of these 2 groups are about to change , but is it for the better of for the worse?
Find out in The Dawson Sisters.

Bloodspill101 Bloodspill101 Jun 27, 2016
Me, if the person I hate had me meet the rest of her family!! 😂😂
justXaXteenageXmess justXaXteenageXmess Jun 21, 2016
Hahha yea reggie im killing u and when u cuss in pain i will tell u language
midnightskies- midnightskies- Dec 05, 2015
Thanks. Not sure where I'm goin with it but I'm excited to find out