Jenna Styles. (Little Sister Fanfic)

Jenna Styles. (Little Sister Fanfic)

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Anonymous By ilovechandlerriggs13 Updated Feb 20

Yeah I guess you could say I'm a bad girl. Lol. That sounds weird. 
I smoke, I drink, I party, I do whatever the hell I want to do. 

Now my parents decide that they are going to leave me for a couple years and leave me under the care of my stupid brother and his dumbass band mates to try to straighten me up.

Lmao. I would to see them try to tell me what to do? I win at everything. You'll always lose. 

I'm Jenna styles and this is my story.

Why would she let her go to the bathroom when this obviously isn't the first time Jenna has skipped class? Is the teacher that oblivious?
What kind of party lasts nine freaking hours? Who would honestly stay at some high school party for nine hours?
KoolKat2783 KoolKat2783 Nov 29
Please stop correcting the grammer. I'm sure that the writer doesn't appreciate it.
I don't know how that school operates but no school I've seen operates like that unless you only have one teacher. In high school every teacher takes attendance, not just one cause that's stupid.
Oh my gosh I can't believe these kids are getting on their phones in class. This is so shocking! How dare they?!
If they ditched at the beginning of first period and went to his house I'm assuming it's between nine and ten o'clock so she literally has at least nine hours to change for this "party".