eBay/// h.s

eBay/// h.s

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laura By idiotically Updated Jul 05, 2017

june addams, 16 year old girl with no money and no chill. 
harry styles, 26, famous, wealthy, kinky, and lonely. 

or a story in which a 16 year old girl sells her virginity for 3 million dollars on eBay. 

(daddykink!, underage smut, bad bad words!!!)

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mamistylxs mamistylxs Apr 27, 2017
she has to be white i mean (im white and if i talk to my mom or grandma like that, you best believe my ass is going to be lit up)
RoseDuneFille RoseDuneFille Jul 05, 2017
Me: *logs out of wattpad* *starts downloading eBay app* 
                              *mom walks by* 
                              Also me: *puts phone extremely close to face while pressing lock button repeatedly*
1-800-try-mee 1-800-try-mee May 12, 2017
.....................👀🙃 (Jk I'm not doin that crazy shitt, nigga💀💀)
balmainstyles balmainstyles Apr 09, 2017
ZaddyChampagne ZaddyChampagne Sep 03, 2017
Is this a thing? Like is their a website bc at this point for 1 milk+ I'm down🤷🏾‍♀️ i'ma prolly lose it to a fûck boy anyways🤦🏾‍♀️
avadoll5 avadoll5 Apr 07, 2017
dammit my ebay app wont download fast enough this wifi sucks