Cameron Cullen

Cameron Cullen

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SilverQueen By QueenofOTPS Updated Nov 13

I am Cameron Jazsalie Cullen the daughter of Edward Cullen and Isabella Cullen nee Swan. I am also the sister of Renesmee Carlie Cullen and Mackenzie Emmalice Cullen, we're triplets. Not only that but I am also the imprint of Jacob Black, we do not get along, I also do not get along with my parents. 

          I'm adopted by Jasper and Rosalie, their mates don't like me and vice versa. I am what you call unplanned, unloved, but not unwanted. I have Kenzie, Rose, and Jasper, my life may not be the best, but I'll make it work. Who knows, fate has a way of working things out.

(Not the best summary, but it will be a good story! Promise! Oh and on another site called Quotev I am called Fabulously Crazy so their may be similarities!)

you're right rose...she does deserve someone better so. -hands you some papers- you can be her mother all you have to do is sign
In this story is Edward Bipolar...he was so happy and nice to her and now look! He's despising her! So rude